Pizza Power

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pizzas given as of 30/09/21 

How It Works

Social consciousness is paramount to Pizza Geeks. In 2018 we launched Pizza for the People, our One for One initiative that sees sales of our featured pizza matched and donated to homeless and disadvantaged people within our community.

Each month we nominate a Pizza for the People. For every Pizza for the People sold we will donate one to someone in need within our community. We then work with local charities and organisations to get our pizzas to where they are most needed. Or you can click the button to buy a pizza for someone in need.


Donating pizzas is just the start in the long term we want to give training and skills within the community to give people a real chance to get on their feet.


This month's Pizza for the People is:

The Braveheart

Who We Work With

When it comes to distributing the Pizzas for the People we have worked with many wonderful charities and organisations to help us find the people most in need of them. Below are just a selection of those who we have worked with recently and who's support is invaluable. 
soul food.png
steps to hope.jpeg
social bite.png