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Cheat sheet...


Pre-heat your grill to the max and put a 10 inch frying pan on the hob at medium-high. Dust your work surface using about half of the flour from the tub. Remove a dough ball from it’s tub and coat it well in flour giving it a flip to make sure both sides are covered.

Working on the floured surface, begin pushing out the dough ball using your fingertips. Leave a rim of couple of centimetres around the edge which will become the crust. You are aiming for the base to be slightly larger than your frying pan. Check the videos for tips on various techniques for doing this.



Gently place the base into the frying pan and using the back of a spoon spread half of the sauce in a thin layer over it, again leaving the rim clear for the crust to form.
Keep the pan on the heat for 1-2 minutes to allow the base to cook.

Carefully check the bottom of the base by lifting the edge with a spatula. Once it has begun to colour with ‘leopard spots’ appearing, quickly add the mozzarella with any other toppings and seasoning then place the pan on the highest shelf under the pre-heated grill.



Cook the pizza for a couple of minutes, when the crust has coloured and showing ‘leopard spots’ it is ready to eat. Take care handling the pan out of the grill. THE HANDLE WILL BE VERY HOT!

May the sauce be with you pizza hero!